Corona Update

Dear athletes, coworkers and supporters

In 3 months from now it's already Triatlon door Brugge. Unfortunately we also need to undergo the Coronacrisis.  It looks like it will take at least 10 weaks to overcome this pandemic. We're concerned about the evolution as well.

Currently it's to early to cancel our race. We strictly follow the evolution and already start to think about a plan B. Our intention is still to have our race at the planned date, but maybe we will be forced to shift it to a later date. No need to cancel yet, we will keep you informed.

Our first priority is your health. Based on that fact our decision will be taken as soon as it is possible. 

But if it's 100% safe to organize our race the 20th of June and we're allowed by the government it will be a warm welcome after some weeks of lock-down! 

Keep it safe and all the best to you and your family. Stay healthy !

Next Saturday Subscriptions Triatlon door Brugge

Saturday the 25th of January at 20:00 hours men can subscribe for our race and at 21:00 hours ladies, swimrun and trio team (relay).
Subscription is done via the registrationID you have received via mail.

No registrationID yet ? Feel free to register yourself on our website.

Date change Triatlon door Brugge !

Due to a change in the UCI calendar we change the date of Triatlon door Brugge 2020. The race will be moved forward to Saturday the 20th of June 2020 instead of 27th of June.

All registrations stay valid. Those who cannot participate on the new date can send an Email to, please specify the registrationID in the subject.
To give everyone the possibility to check their agenda, we will postpone the subscriptions with 2 weeks to the 25th of January 2020 (same hours).
Please accept our apologies for the late change.
Triatlon door Brugge

Thank you

Dear sponsor, helper, athlete and supporter,

This year’s edition of Triatlon door Brugge is over. As organisation we wish to thank you for the much-appreciated sponsoring, help, participation and support. Despite the heat great performances were set, boundaries were pushed, and challenges were realized. Co-workers withstood hours of buring sun to make the race possible for our athletes. Athletes loved the new course and could enjoy the green finish area of Hotel school Spermalie, which provided their infrastructure and lovely gardens. All close together and everybody happy. Just like the old days when we were located next to the windmills of Bruges but now even greater. Triatlon door Brugge is more than triatlon … it’s party time!

As an organisation we took the challenge to relocate and renew our format. A risk which turned out to be appreciated by many. We keep searching in order to improve and renew our format. Only the best will do, and we hope to succeed in providing an appropriate experience.

We love to see you again next year on the 27th of June !