Cancellation rules for individual competitors.
(These rules do not apply to sponsored athletes)

You can only cancel for a good reason (see document “General Conditions” on our site under athletes -> Cancellation).
The cancellation conditions can be compared with those of a travel insurance. 

Those who cancel for a good reason 2 days prior to the race day will be fully refunded. You can apply for cancellation via mail to , please indicate reason and medical documents as motivator.

If you don’t have a valid reason for cancellation, but you can’t enter the race, you can transfer your ticket to someone else. 20 euro’s will be charged as transfer costs. If you want to transfer your ticket feel free to send a mail to Please indicate the registrationID to which you want to transfer your ticket. You can only transfer your ticket to someone who has registered on our site.

Transfers are possible till the 5th of June.

For team relay the rules are as they used to be.

Teams who cancel before the 17th of April will receive their registration fee minus 5 euro’s administration costs.

Teams who cancel between the 17th of April and the 18th of May will receive 70% of their registration fee. Those who cancel after the 18th of May will not receive any refund.

However team relays can always change the names of the competitors in their team. (Note: Personalised number are printed before the 1th of June)

(Ver 12/11/2019)

General Conditions.pdf